Racewars @ Wyalkatchem 2015

14 April 2015

The 10th of April saw the start of this years Racewars event over two and a half days, with an autokana and an opportunity for some great photography. Plenty of sideways action and smoking tyres.

Saturday was filled with drags down the airstrip with rolling starts of 400 and 800 metres. There were some spectacular burnouts at various times. This was also the time when spectators could sit in the passenger seat of their choice of car for a race down the runway. At the end of the day, those of us in the media contingent got the opportunity to shoot some posed shots of a few cars. I appreciated the chance to get a couple of truly stunning images using the setting sun.

Sunday saw more 800 metre runs and then the major event, the 1000 runs. Very impressed with the performance of the cars that took part and it wasn't long before one could estimate the top speed from the way the car was launched and the way it hurtled down the strip. ND4SPD was the winner with a 322.6 kph run, in the process setting an Australian record for this event. Congratulations.

All in all, it was a well run event and apart from a knobhead who decided to cut sick in the carpark and ended up spending a whole lot of time with the local constabulary, the spectators were generally well behaved.

I'll be back again next year, too much fun to miss, although I'd prefer to be racing.

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