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The importance of Photography and Photo Printing.

15 January 2015

In today's digital marketplace, great emphasis is placed on capturing images with one's choice of equipment, be it a DSLR, compact camera or one of a myriad of phones and tablets. Additionally, there is a lot of noise made about the whistles and bells that have been developed by the manufacturers, and if you don't update your camera or device, you are somewhat of a relic.

I recently received an email from Red River in the USA and I can't think of a better way to define photography. This is what they wrote,

Photography has always been about preserving memories and history for the future. Today that means protecting images from the vagaries of technological change. Remember the floppy disk? How about the PhotoCD? Good luck easily retrieving data from either! Remember that today's file formats and storage devices may not always be available." Many say "But I've backed it up in the cloud."

The so-called cloud is just a series of buildings around the world with mega storage facilities designed to store zillions of bits of data, but there is no guarantee the supplier of the service you use will be around in ten or twenty years, let alone 100. And consider this, if the storage unit is in a country that becomes politically unstable or there is an earthquake or maybe a major flood event, what happens to your data?

The whole point of this is that if images aren't printed, there is a good chance future generations will have no idea of live today. The only real answer is to PRINT your valuable family photo's.

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