DSLR Choice

Over the years I have had to listen to people with DSLR's carry on about all the technical bumph relating to their particular camera and how there are only two brands worth considering, Nikon and Canon. Don't get me wrong, these guys produce a very good product,...

22 November 2013
Wattle Flowering

Learning to use your Camera

Digital cameras have been a boon to the average shutter bug, however the quality of the images in many instances has deteriorated, because a lot of users have little or no idea what all the controls and buttons are there for. Let me help you get the most...

15 October 2013

Welcome to my new blog

Welcome to my first blog on this site.  As a recent start-up, my galleries will grow from the basic ones currently posted. Please see my Facebook page at the Print Side of things for a sample of my motor sport work. They were taken at the recent Quit...

3 September 2013